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The Architectural Process

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Tate Architecture has retained a high level of client satisfaction and takes pride in the long term relationships that they have established with not only their clients but with the local governing entities – which is integral in maintaining a smooth journey through each project planning process.
PHASE 1 - Schematic Design: This work consists of an inspection of the site and conferences with the client, concerning the Project. Client's needs and requirements are analyzed. Zoning regulations and codes affecting the work are obtained and studied. Sketches and statements of probable cost are prepared for owner's approval.
PHASE 2 - Design Development: Upon approval of Schematic Design, architect proceeds with development of plans and elevations of building. Drawings, establishing all major elements, and outline specs are prepared. A revised statement of probable cost is made.
PHASE 3 - Construction Documents: Working drawings & specifications are finalized. Material schedules are discussed with Owner. Energy Code forms, lighting cut sheets, Permit Application, Structural calculations, and any other submittal document, are generated and organized for submission to the governing entity and potential bidders.
PHASE 4 - Construction Contract Administration: (if part of Owner/Architect Agreement) Bidding forms are prepared and assistance given in drafting permit and contract forms. Architect assists in qualifying bidders and obtaining and analyzing proposals. Advice is given relative to the award of contracts. During construction period, architect reviews and approves shop drawings, reviews contractor's requests for payment and periodically visits the site to determine if work is proceeding in accordance with contract documents [defined as ‘Construction Observation]. Client is kept informed relative to progress and quality of construction. Change orders are issued, as required. When construction is determined to be satisfactorily completed, a certificate is issued to that effect.
HARMS ENGINEERING – Christine Batayola, licensed P.E.: Pasco, WA, 509-547-2679.

ROUTH ENGINEERING – Rick Routh, P.E.: 509-547-8262

GN NORTHERN – Imran Magsi, P.E., Yakima: 509-248-9798

I.E. REEP ENGINEERING – Gene Reep, licensed P.E.: Pasco, WA, 509-547-9087

E & S ENGINEERING – Pam Arneson, P.E., Richalnd, WA: 509-554-9659

AMBIENT LIGHTING – Mike Peters: Spokane, 509-922-5011

Kevin Ayers [Client]: 509-735-1312

Kayla Neyhart [Client]: 509-396-8190

David Romm [Contractor]: 509-366-8512

Don Pratt [Contractor]: 509-947-9151

Roland Jankelson [Developer]: 253-405-0228

Jamie Washburn [Contractor]: 509-539-9901

Gene Reep [Engineer]:509-547-9087

Manuel Chavallo [Developer]:509-947-6954

Angie Pitman [City of Pasco]: 509-545-3441

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