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Kerr Legal Offices, Kennewick WA
Contractor: Conner Construction
Tate Architecture, as a small firm, places a high value on personal representation and service. We realize distinct advantages, to the client, consultants, and contractors, in having just one member of the architectural firm involved with all aspects of each project and maintain a personal grasp of all that is going on in all phases of that project’s design and construction. By trimming the excess personnel and maintaining direct lines of communication with the client and involved entities, we minimize the potential for errors and omissions, short cut the otherwise lengthy process, and provide the client with in-depth knowledge of the design-build process, thereby establishing a high level of trust with each client. As a welcome member of the team of players, we move the client through the design and construction phases equipping them with a high level of understanding and confidence in the anticipated product – while delivering this premium service at an extremely competitive rate.

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